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We recently brought your attention to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis and its impact on clients’ pension & investment funds. Following on from that communication, markets are enduring another extremely volatile week, with further losses being incurred on almost all funds across the board. With this in mind, we feel that it is incumbent on us as your designated financial advisors to outline an advisory summary on how to address this issue:

  1.  Review your current investment(s) by using your online log in or contact your investment provider directly (details provided below).
  2. Assess if you wish to move funds into safer and less volatile funds such as Cash or low risk portfolios or if you are happy to retain your current investment strategy– this will ultimately depend on your own individual circumstances and the purpose of your investment.
  3. If you decide you wish to change funds, then you will need to inform your investment provider in writing or by email if you wish to change Fund Choice, remembering to document your policy number and exact details of your instruction. For example:
    Joe Bloggs Policy No.12345678Dear Sir / Madam,I confirm that I wish to amend the Fund Choice on the above Policy No.(s)  with immediate effect as follows:•    100% Cash Fund (or alternative fund choice)Please confirm the same in writing at your earliest convenience.I trust all is in order.

    Yours Sincerely

    Joe Bloggs
    Email address
    Contact Number

  4. Copy on any email requests or else scan a copy of your written Fund Change Instruction to so that we can also follow up from our end.
  5. Company Contact Details:

If you are unable to contact your designated pension or investment provider, then please do not hesitate to contact us at if you require any further information in this regard.

Finally, continue to stay safe and adhere to all Public Health messages at this time.