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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of analysing a person’s existing financial circumstances and devising a set of recommendations to protect and improve these circumstances in the future. A very important aspect of Financial Planning is to put in place a series of measures designed to help our clients achieve their future financial goals.

Financial Planning  Discussion Topics

  • How confident are you that you have the most appropriate financial products at the best market price?
  • Are you setting aside enough funds for your retirement?
  • Are you maximising the returns from your savings and deposits?
  • How can you reduce the amount and term of your mortgage?
  • How much will you get paid by your employer in the event of an illness or accident?
  • Have you thought about the financial consequences of a serious accident, long-term illness or premature death?

Financial Planning Process

  1. The first step is to outline and critically evaluate your current financial position by way of a Financial Factfinder. This forms the basis for any subsequent reviews and recommendations.
  2. We can then complete a full needs analysis report and conduct an individual risk assessment. This risk assessment allows us to match your individual tolerance for risk with our recommendations.
  3. We outline and agree on a set of future financial planning and wealth management objectives that you feel can be achieved over a realistic timeframe.
  4. Our financial consultant team provide tailored recommendations suitable to your individual needs covering every aspect of your financial objectives.
  5. We help you implement the financial plan in order to help you achieve your objectives.
  6. Going forward we help you to change your plan as your circumstances change.
  7. We provide you with ongoing financial advice and regular reviews to ensure you meet your objectives.

Sustainability Factors

When providing advice, the firm considers the adverse impact of investment decisions on sustainability. As part of our research and assessment of products, our financial advisor team will examine the Product Providers’ literature to compare financial products and to make informed investment decisions about ESG products. Our firm will always act in the client’s best interests and keep clients informed accordingly.  The consideration of sustainability risks can impact the returns of financial products.