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Group Pension Schemes

I want to set up a company pension plan

Group Pension Schemes are designed to enable companies to provide retirement benefits for their employees. Establishing a defined pension plan can bring considerable advantages to your company and its employees, namely:

  • Establish goodwill
  • Improve relations
  • Assist with the retention of staff
  • Make it easier to recruit new employees

This is a tax-efficient way for you to help ensure your employees are financially secure in retirement as it offers employees the opportunity to avail of tax reliefs against contributions. Employer pension contributions can also be offset against Corporation Tax.

We help employers to assess the right type of scheme for their company and employees and assist in the arrangement of the scheme. These can include Company Pensions, Small Self-Administered Pensions (SSAPs) or PRSAs.

We provide a dedicated ongoing service which helps ease the administration for the employer and provides annual reviews for the employer and employees.