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Lump Sum Investments

I am tired of poor returns from Bank Deposits

People have become more and more frustrated and disillusioned with poor (and in some cases negligible) returns from their hard-earned deposits. This has resulted in many investors seeking impartial advice on where and what are the best alternatives. Before having a conversation about any alternatives to deposits, it is vital to understand some basic concepts around how to invest money. One of the first steps will be to undertake a Risk Profile Assessment. This will enable us as advisers to establish what level of “risk” you are comfortable with relative to the returns you are seeking to achieve. We operate on the basis of the EU approved ESMA 1 – 7 Risk Rating (ie 1 being extremely low risk, 7 being extremely high risk). Then, depending on your risk profile, we will outline a series of suitable investment products. You can then decide which products best suit your investment aims.

We are strong advocates of Multi Asset Investment Strategies which seek to maximise returns through investing in a broad range of investment assets such as Equities, Bonds, Cash, Property, Alternatives and Absolute Return Funds.